Sign language

The '4 Elements in Arts' project is dedicated to enhancing accessibility and communication by eliminating barriers, making information accessible to all, regardless of their abilities. In this website section, you'll discover the 'Sign Language Video Guidelines' document, a valuable resource for creating sign language videos. Additionally, we've transformed our favorite stories from the interactive art collection into sign language, including both English and the partners' languages. We invite you to explore and enjoy!

Prometheus Bound
Odysseus & the sirens
Airēšanas sacīkstes
Priekšvēlēšanu plakāts
Vēja māte
Zvārtes iezis
Colpo di vento
Il sogno del melograno
Poster Pietro Berzia
A l'aigua. Platja de València
Don Quixot i els molins de vent
Drama en Sierra Nevada
Fuego a bordo
Ωρολόγιο του Κυρρήστου (Tower of the winds)
Ταυροκαθάψια (Taurokathapsia)
'Υπέρ πατρίδος το παν' (Grateful Hellas)
Καρυάτιδες (The Porch of the Caryatids)
La jungle équatoriale
Le radeau de la méduse
Mine monument
Red Star Line